MetisTomb Is a new stable algocoin peg to $METIS with new features using DAO funds, nodes and vault to support $MTOMB price. MetisTomb is an algorithmic protocol with three tokens, one of which is 1:1 pegged to $METIS on the strong and dynamic Metis Chain. The protocol's underlying mechanisms dynamically adjust MTomb supply, trading its price up or down relative to the price of $METIS to maintain that peg. This allows the generation of high-APR farming pools on Metis, something that is seriously lacking on the ecosystem so far.

Why Metis?

Metis is the trendy L2 atm, bringing new users to defi, and building a new ecosystem. Metis is constantly growing since its launch, and we believe that the chain will keep growing in the future ! By using similar leverages to the $TOMB ones and by adding many future features $MTOMB has the potential to become a key player in the DeFi world on the Metis blockchain.
Last modified 3mo ago